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European Mounts

European mounts are my specialty. I have experience with deer, coyote, bear, steer, longhorn, turkey, racoon, hogs, and red stags. I use the boil and power wash method to clean my skulls. This method allows me to get every skull 100% clean in a timely manner while also allowing me to degrease the skull so it will look great for a lifetime.

Turkey Fan Mounts and Antler Plaques

Every antler plaque that we do is completely custom from the hand shaped base to the custom leather wrap. We offer a variety of plaques for our turkey fan mounts from barn wood to traditional fan and beard plaques.   

Hydrographics/ Hydro-Dipping

We only use the highest of quality paints and clear coats for our hydrographic process. All of our products come with a one year warranty against any workmanship defects. Just about any material can be dipped including metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, glass and much more. We have access to thousands of pre-printed films. This allows us to completely customize your guns, helmets, automotive parts and a whole lot more. 

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